Bathroom Contractor

Having someone in your home with accessibility needs can be quite a challenge. However, you can hire a bathroom contractor to restructure your space for maximum mobility. Avenue Medical Construction’s professional and skilled crew can assist you. Our company has delivered more than 20 years of exceptional service,and we are dedicated to helping you with your accessibility concerns.

Let Your Bathroom Remodeling Experts Renovate Your Space

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom: we clean, bathe, shower, apply makeup, and get dressed. We become so used to the routines that we take them for granted, but these everyday tasks become more burdensome when faced with mobility limitations brought on by aging in place,or a physical injury or disability.

When you contract a bathroom accessibility specialist from Avenue Medical Construction, these issues are solved, whether you require accessible sinks, showers, or bathtubs. We will send out a bathroom remodel expert to evaluate your situation and design a plan that can make your bathroom the safest and most accommodating room in the house.

Contact Us Today toDiscuss Your Bathroom Remodeling Needs

Call Avenue Medical Construction today to request a free assessment and quote, or submit our easy-to-use online contact form. Whatever your needs are, we can bring your vision to life. Whether you need lowered sinks or lowered vanities, our company can do it all. If you think you can’t afford our services, contact us to discuss your options. Our in-house financing program can help defray the costs.