Lowered Vanities

Your bathroom should be able to accommodate the needs of everyone in your home, and the lowered vanities from Avenue Medical Construction will make sure it does just that. As a family-owned-and-operated business with over 20 years of service experience, our highly trained staff is ready to help transform your bathroom to better fit the needs of you, your family, or the person you’re caring for. At Avenue Medical Construction, every single product we offer is made with top-quality, durable and low-maintenance materials because improving lives drives everything we do.

Accessible Sinks for Everyone

When it comes to accessible sinks, Avenue Medical Construction has a comprehensive list of options to fit any need you, your loved one, or the person you’re caring for might have. From sinks for wheelchairs to roll under vanities, we provide a range of solutions to make your bathroom the easy, accessible haven you need.

Best of all, our expertise and resources go beyond simply providing you with a more accessible sink! With your bathroom upgrade, we can also adjust your lighting to better suit you or your loved one’s needs, and we can also upgrade your bathroom features for easier and more accessible use, such as by installing lever style faucet control. No matter what you need, we offer full mobility solutions to fit any and all of your requirements.  

Learn More About Our Accessible Features and Walk-In Tubs

Avenue Medical Construction is ready to help transform your bathroom into the fully accessible solution you’ve been looking for. Whether you just need a lower vanity, or you’re looking for safe and secure bathing solutions like walk-in tubs or roll-in showers, we can get the job done quickly and affordably. Contact us to learn more about the services we can offer you, or fill out our online form to schedule a free personalized accessibility estimate today!