Accessible Sinks

When dealing with restricted mobility, many activities that once seemed simple suddenly become challenging. Even going into the kitchen to cook or wash dishes can feel like a chore. Accessible sinks can solve these problems. The open space beneath these sinks allows wheelchairs or scooters to fit neatly into the space. Avenue Medical Contractors offers transparency in job scope, time, and pricing, a highly trained crew, and more than 50 years of experience in all things mobility related. Improving lives drives everything we do.

We Can Design and Install Your Wheelchair Accessible Sink

The average kitchen presents many mobility issues, but Avenue Medical Construction can redesign it so you or your loved one can move around efficiently and effectively. Lowered sinks allow for ease of reach for those who can no longer stand. Roll-under sinks have room underneath to roll in a wheelchair or a scooter.

Lever Style Faucet Controls Are Easy on the Hands

Lever style faucet controls make the faucet more accessible because they allow the management of both hot and cold water with just one handle. In addition, they are easier to use because they don’t require twisting the wrist or grasping the faucet firmly to turn it on or off. Lever faucets have longer handles that often contain a spray hose to easily fill pots and pans for cooking or washing.

Learn More About Our Accessible Sinks and Other Accessibility Options

Whether you need a kitchen contractor or a bathroom contractor, Avenue Medical Contractors has the skilled professionals to get the job done, often in as little as one day. For each job, we have a discussion with the client to ascertain their needs and preferences, so we’re on the same page before the work even begins. Call us to learn more, or simply fill out our handy online contact form. We’ll take it from there.