Kitchen Cabinets

Mobility limitations can cause a challenge in the kitchen. Cabinets and sinks are often out of reach, and it may be difficult to open and close doors, or turn on the sink. With accessible kitchen cabinets from Avenue Medical Construction, you can convert your kitchen into a safer, more accommodating place.

When you work with Avenue Medical Construction, your kitchen renovation project can be completed in as little as a day. Our highly trained professionals have over 50 years of combined experience, and our company has been in business since 2005. We deliver an optimal solution for the problems faced by those dealing with disabilities or injuries.

Modified Kitchen Cabinets Help Enhance Efficiency in the Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets often present the biggest problem regarding accessibility. They are often too high to reach from a wheelchair or scooter. It may also be hard to maneuver the cabinets that are within reach. Lowered kitchen cabinets and loop pulls are the solutions for these difficulties. Loop pulls can be used instead of knobs to easily open cabinets.

Explore Your Options for Motorized Cabinets

To further enhance your kitchen for full mobility, motorized cabinets are another option. These are adjustable electric cabinets that allow the user to lower or raise the cabinet simply with the touch of a button. This can be helpful, as the cabinet contents are brought down to the user rather than requiring them to reach or bend for the items. Little things really can make a difference.

Explore the Possibilities of a More Accessible Kitchen

Those with physical disabilities, or those caring for loved ones with developmental disabilities, may not always be aware of the home accessibility enhancements that are available to them. Contact Avenue Medical Construction via phone or our online contact form to start exploring your possibilities. Whether you need lowered counters or lowered or motorized cabinets, Avenue Medical Construction has the solution for your home. Don’t worry if you don’t yet know what you need. That’s what we’re here for. We can guide you through the process.