Lowered Counters

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and every member of the household should be able to effortlessly navigate the space to grab a snack or cook a family meal. The team at Avenue Medical Construction has an impressive list of ways that we can help to make a kitchen more accessible—including lowered counters.

Our 20 years of experience—and the owner’s status as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS)—make us well qualified to help area homeowners create the accessible environments they need without sacrificing style or appropriate functionality for other members of the household. Our goal on every job is to exceed our customers’ expectations. In fact, improving lives drives everything we do!

Convenient Height-Adjusted Counters

The typical kitchen counter is 36” high—a height that puts it out of reach for food preparation or other activities while seated in a wheelchair. Height-adjusted counters are at least two inches lower, but we can also install them at a custom height. Other ways we can help our customers make the best use of their kitchens include:

  • Roll-Under Counters: An open space built in beneath the sink and a portion of the counter ensures convenient accessibility for every member of the household.   
  • Pull-Out Drawers: Accessing items stored in cabinets can be very difficult for an individual with mobility challenges. Pull-out drawers make it easy to reach even small items stowed at the very back of the cabinet.
  • Accessible Stove: In addition to wheelchair-access counters, we can also equip your kitchen with an accessible stove. With controls located at the front, there is no need to reach over hot surfaces to turn burners on and off or adjust the heat.

Learn More About Lowered Counters and Other Kitchen Remodeling Options

We understand how important it is for every member of the household to have access to every area of the home. Our lowered counters in the kitchen, lowered vanities in the bathroom, and other bath and kitchen remodeling services can be completed quickly and affordably. We also offer flexible financing options to make it easier to budget for the improvements you need. Call Avenue Medical Construction today, or fill out our simple online form, to schedule your free consultation and estimate.