Stair Lifts

In a multi-level or two-story home, one of the biggest challenges individuals with limited mobility face is navigating the stairs. Rather than being confined to just one floor, we believe you should be able to safely access every area of your home, and our quality stair lifts can help you do just that!

Avenue Medical Construction is a leader in providing full mobility solutions. Whether you need just one feature, like a stair lift, or require accessibility modifications throughout the home, our family-owned business can design a custom plan that perfectly meets your needs. With more than 20 years of experience, we’ve established a solid reputation for providing exceptional service.

Quality Stair Lifts and Expert Installation

Some seniors consider moving from their home once they start having difficulty with the stairs. A senior stair lift lets you stay in your home longer by providing safe, convenient access to every level. We have stair lift options that can be customized to suit the layout of any style or size of home. We’re proud to serve this community and offer many benefits to our customers including:

  • Free Home Assessment: A free home assessment gives us a chance to learn about your needs and assess the layout of your home. We’ll find the areas in which accessibility could be improved and create a personalized plan for modifications.
  • Highly Trained Staff: The extensive knowledge of our staff members is further enhanced by the status of the business owner as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS.)
  • Flexible Financing: Our quick approval process and favorable terms make it easier to budget for a lift for stairs or any other changes you might need.
  • Screened Employees: You’ll have peace of mind knowing that every employee is drug tested and goes through a background check prior to becoming a member of our team.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: We stand behind our work with a lifetime repair guarantee.

We have stair lifts to suit any configuration including straight stairs, curved stairs, stairs that pass through a doorway or landing, and much more. Our stair solutions can be designed to work in any home, providing every member of the household with safe access to the entire house.

Get More Information About Our Quality Stair Lifts

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