Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are a convenient and safe way to provide mobility for senior citizens or those with a disability. They restore a sense of independence for those who can no longer use the stairs to access key areas of the home. Avenue Medical Construction offers affordable solutions and assistance in planning. If you’re not sure what kind of ramp you need, we can offer recommendations and provide options for you to choose from, including:

  • Home ramps
  • Exterior ramps
  • Modular ramps
  • Ramp rentals

Home Ramps that Create a More Accessible Abode

Our team at Avenue Medical Construction has provided interior and exterior ramps for hundreds of families looking to accommodate senior family members or friends with physical or developmental disabilities. We can quickly install home ramps designed to deliver seamless access, regardless of your floor plan or individual room configurations. All our products are also backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Give Your Household Seamless Outdoor Access with Exterior Ramps

There are many reasons to outfit your home with exterior ramps, whether you have an elevated front porch that you’d like to make more accessible, or you simply need a ramp to bridge the threshold of a sliding glass door to create easier backyard access. Our highly trained crewmembers will provide a personalized accessibility audit to determine your household’s needs and suggest the most accommodating and cost-effective products to meet them.

Pair Convenience and Accessibility with a Modular Ramp

Per American Disability Association (ADA) and international building code guidelines, one foot of ramp is required per every inch of elevation. If you’re dealing with a steep threshold or large stairwell, the ramp you need could be quite large and unwieldy. With the wide selection of modular ramps at Avenue Medical Construction, you can find an effective yet portable solution with single or tri-fold ramps. Our ramps for wheelchairs are also constructed with lightweight aluminum and rubber.

Easy and Affordable Ramp Rentals

Some households only require a short-term home accessibility solution, which is why Avenue Medical Construction also offers rental ramps that are fairly priced and easy to implement. If you have visiting friends or family that require a little extra accommodation, we can quickly apply the equipment you need, where you need it—often on the same day you call.

Let Us Answer Your Questions about Ramps for Wheelchairs

When installing mobility ramps, many questions arise, and they must be answered. Fortunately, we’ll ask the right questions for you to determine your needs. We can design and build both interior ramps and exterior ramps, so you or your loved ones remain comfortable and safe while navigating indoors and outdoors. Avenue Medical Construction will create easy access throughout your home, so you can rest easy.

Contact Us to Find Out More About Our Ramps Today

Home ramps are the perfect solution for wheelchair mobility as well as mobility for other devices, such as scooters. Whatever your needs, you will receive quick and professional service when you contact Avenue Medical Construction. Contact us any time via our online contact form, or call us to get started on your next home accessibility project.