Why Select Avenue Medical Construction

Avenue Medical Construction started with a recommendation from a friend. He was a paraplegic and worked for the State of Delaware in the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. He told me that he had contractors who could build walls and lay tile but they didn’t understand how people with a mobility limitation need to move around in their homes. I am an ATP,Assertive Technology Practitioner, credentialed through the Rehabilitation Engineers Society of North America and I owned a complex rehab equipment company. We were already installing stair lifts but we did no other construction. So, I took a few courses from the National Association of Home Builders and received my CAPS, Certified Aging in Place Specialist designation. Avenue Medical Construction was born.

There are many companies that sell walk-in tubs, walk-in showers and do bath remodeling. Why is Avenue Medical Construction different? I personally meet with every client to discuss and help develop a plan to address their accessibility concerns. I listen to their concerns and I am mindful of the stress these situations can cause. I put myself in their shoes. How would I want to be treated if I was going through the same situation? I provide a detailed summary of what the scope of the job will be and how long it will take. The work is completed in the time frame stated not weeks afterward. I set realistic expectations in the beginning of the job so that the homeowner knows what to expect. I update the homeowners daily or weekly depending upon the scope of the project. Unexpected problems do arise. The difference is how you handle the problem.

The goal at Avenue Medical Construction is to provide solutions to a multitude of accessibility issues. The experience and knowledge of disease progression combined with years of working with hundreds of families and clients makes Avenue Medical Construction the only choice when looking to complete an accessibility modification to your home.

Adam Samuel, ATP, CAPS

President and Owner of Avenue Medical Construction